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Testimonials reposted with permission from Real Customers

Thank You very much for the promotion code! Wow! Your customer service is excellent. I'm so impressed and will surely put in another order soon. It is my birthday today, you just made my birthday a little more special.
Thank You again

Patrycja S, via Email

Brilliant product, works well.

Anonymous, via Survey (regarding PowerFocus®)

I have just posted a review on Amazon, only happy to do so, your product works wonders, think I might have exploded at work today without them!

Rob, via email

All good. Already back on the focused game :) thank you for your care and amazing products!!

Arrameia (via email)

Good Afternoon,

I had this product ((Anti X) - btw it really is FANTASTIC!) as a repeat, so i received it every month. 

Laura P, (via Amazon Message)

Your Magnesium is the best Magnesium known to man

Donald W (via Facebook Message)

I bought your product two months ago and it helped me in work and sport, I found it amazing. 

I bought the Ltheanine one and it made me feel concentrated and relaxed at the same time; your product deserves to be promoted, even in the fights I was relaxed :)

_ildi (via Instagram) - Muay Thai fighter


Guide to Korean Ginseng - Benefits, Best Type, Dosage and Side Effects

Guide to Korean Ginseng - Benefits, Best Type, Dosage and Side Effects

Korean ginseng, aka Panax ginseng, is one of the most widely used botanical supplements and one that has a long history in traditional Chinese medicine. As the word ‘Panax’ originates from the Greek word for panacea (all healing), this is the first clue that this plant can provide a plethora of benefits
Best Vitamins for the Immune System

Best Vitamins for the Immune System

One of the reasons that nutritionists and dietitians always recommend a varied and balanced diet is so we get all the nutrients our immune system requires to function optimally. In this article, we are going to look at the most important vitamins, minerals and other compounds for our natural defences and outline which foods contain these.
What are the Best Natural Nootropics and Are They Safe?

What are the Best Natural Nootropics and Are They Safe?

Nootropics are ingredients that can boost cognitive functions such as memory, attention, and learning. The word nootropic was coined in 1972 by Romanian scientist Corneliu Giurgea, who paired the Greek words ‘mind’ and ‘bending’. Natural nootropics have soared in popularity in recent years, mirroring the ever-increasing presence of an ‘always on’ culture that often leaves people mentally fatigued.