10 Key Takeaways from this awesome documentary for Brain Health and Function!

For those of you who don't have time to watch the whole thing. We highlighted the key takeaways below.


Avoid Sweet and Fatty Foods (Bad Fats) - Diets High in Fat and Sugar lead to changes in the bran involving memory. It negatively reprograms the brain.


02:00 - WITHOUT OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS THE BRAIN DOES NOT DEVELOP AND FUNCTION NORMALLY. Pregnant mothers need to ensure they have sufficient intake of Omega 3 Fatty Acids for the child to develop properly. Lack of Omega 3’s cause problems with anger, sadness and Anxiety in children. The brain is 90% fat which it cannot produce its self.


08:00 - Scientists studying wild Hamsters deprived of Omega 3, found they would actually eat their young 80% of the time leading to a reduction of the population. When Omega 3 containing foods were reintroduced, they did not eat their young and the population flourished. Indicating the extreme effects diet has on mood.


12:00 - Diet effects thoughts and decision making quality. Scientist’s found people would take two totally different courses of action based upon what they ate that morning.


15:44 - L Tyrosine is an amino acid that forms part of a protein, that is essential for brain function. Eating a higher protein breakfast will allow there to be more L-Tyrosine in your blood.


High Fat and Sugar diets damage memory ability. Also diet directly correlates with the size of your brain, especially the hippocampus. Only 4 days on a junk food diet can start effecting the hippocampus. Part of the reason is eating too much fat and sugar triggers an inflammatory response that spreads to the Neuron's. Even through the blood brain barrier.


Overconsumption of sugar, leads to down regulation of the reward centres in the brain, meaning you gain less pleasure from eating sugar the more you do it, however seeing sugary food still stimulates the reward centre in the brain in the same way, driving you to over consume the sugary foods.


The Gut microbiome is affected by what we eat. Which directly affects what goes on in our Brain. 


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A balanced diverse diet, made without processed food and sugar, along the lines of the meditation diet, appears to be the best for brain health and function.

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